March, 2023

A Counter Rotating Brush is a Versatile, Multi-Functional Cleaning Tool

counter rotating brush

A counter rotating brush is a versatile, multi-functional cleaning tool. It can be used in prespray agitation, carpet scrubbing, encapsulation cleaning, compound cleaning, and low moisture cleaning. It will also collect dirt better than a commercial vacuum cleaner.

Handle: The handle may be molded from plastic or resin such as polypropylene or a similar material. Grip portions 31, buttons 20, 22, 30A, 30, 30B, and 30C are optionally formed from elastomer materials well known to persons skilled in the art such as propylene-ethylene copolymer elastomers.

Brush Head: The brush head may be molded from a variety of materials including synthetic and natural fibers, and/or metals. The brush head can be attached to a plunger that is configured to rotate relative to the handle as the brush head is manipulated by the user.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Counter Rotating Brush for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Engagement Mechanism: An engagement mechanism 234 is provided to engage the brush head 204 in a fixed relationship with the plunger 238, as shown in FIGS. 14-15.

The engagement mechanism includes a carriage 240 that is configured to slide in a substantially coaxial direction along the longitudinal axis of the plunger 238, and first and second locks 248, 250 are engaged with the carriage 240 in the same manner as tabs 242, 244 are engaged with brush head 204. This prevents the carriage 240 from moving in a rotary path and causes a reduction of friction between brush head 204 and the plunger 238, which is advantageous for paint brush handling.…