Asheville Affordable Tree Men

A few years ago, residents of Asheville and Buncombe County voted in favor of bonds that would fund affordable housing projects. As of October 2022, Asheville had spent about $18.5 million of that amount and completed 403 affordable units. Its goal is to build or repair 2,750 affordable units by 2030. But it’s not an easy task for developers, who face hurdles in acquiring land and dealing with city regulations and infrastructure.

How many trees are in Asheville?

Many artists, service workers in restaurants and bars, and police officers cannot afford to live in Asheville Affordable Tree Men, where rents and home prices are high and homes are small. That’s why the city and county have a special housing trust that makes low-interest loans to developers. But developers still have a hard time making the numbers work, said Barry Bialik, owner of the Thirsty Monk pub downtown.

Asheville Affordable Tree Men

This locally grown and operated company prioritizes neighbors, the city, and the environment over profit when performing its services. Its team of professionals is trained to work safely and efficiently. Its scope of work includes tree removal, pruning and new tree planting, stump grinding, and view enhancement. It also provides crane and bucket truck services. It is licensed and insured. Its staff is available around the clock to attend to clients’ emergency needs. Its previous customers praise its professional and polite crew members. Its services are available to residential and commercial clients. It offers free estimates and consultations.

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