Business Executive in the Medical Marijuana Industry

medical marijuana industry

As the medical marijuana industry expands, new jobs are opening up in all different fields. Some companies are hiring product consultants, others are hiring business executives to oversee their growth. While sales consultants work with clients to determine what products they need to stock in their dispensaries, product consultants focus on marketing and educating clients about the different products. They may also be responsible for conducting research and evaluating the potential success of new products. And in some cases, they will even be the ones who decide which products are the most profitable.

What Unique Value Does Your Company Offer To The Cannabis Industry?

George Scorsis, who founded Liberty Health Sciences and previously served as the president of Red Bull Canada, has been working on a medical marijuana company in Florida. Despite his busy schedule, George Scorsis still finds time to contribute to the Florida business community. His company, Liberty Health Sciences, is a pioneer in Florida’s medical marijuana industry. And he has been actively involved in numerous nonprofits. He is also a big advocate for legalized cannabis.

George Scorsis Florida, the executive chairman of WeedMD, is a recognized leader in the medical marijuana industry. He is a former executive of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. and has worked with several cannabis companies. He is passionate about helping patients find solutions for their medical conditions. In addition to leading WeedMD, Scorsis also manages operations at Starseed in Ontario. In Florida, he is an integral part of the business community.

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