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What Is IDX?

What is IDX? Short for Internet Data Exchange, IDX allows brokers and agents to view and access MLS listing data on their own websites. Also called Broker Disclosure Portal, idsx is a collection of web-based tools that allow brokers to view and control MLS listings. The term IDX covers any number of applications, including those that allow brokers to manipulate data on real estate sites and to add/edit broker information from multiple MLS listings.

Here Is A Method That Is Helping What Is Idx?

The primary use of idsx is to facilitate online broker searches for available homes and buyers in certain geographic areas. Multiple listings from various brokers can be combined into one interactive portal for brokers searching for properties. As an alternative to search tools, idsx offers advanced capabilities such as the ability to create/edit broker profiles for mortgage leads. Also available are real estate tool kits that give agents access to MLS data and functionality similar to that offered on mobile device search engines. Many other third party tools and features have been developed to enhance the ability of brokers and agents to work with real estate databases.

A major strength of what is idx is that it allows brokers and agents to exchange critical business information and maximize the potentials for sales and client development. The use of what is idx can lead to increased sales since listings can be searched by geographic area and/or agent location. Real estate sites that offer what is idx are usually owned by brokers or agent organizations, allowing them to enter into a license agreement with IDX Network to host what is idx websites on their websites. For brokers and agents, what is idx provides an easy way to share listings and make sales more efficiently. For a competitive real estate market, what is idx is an essential tool.


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