CBD Cat Treats For Anxiety

cbd cat treats for anxiety

cbd cat treats for anxiety is known to be calming, and it can help your cat manage stress signals, maintain a balanced state of mind, and sleep more soundly. It can also support healthy appetite in cats who may have trouble eating due to pain, illness, or stress. CBD for pets can be administered in a variety of ways, including as a chew or oil. When choosing the right product, look for a reputable brand that has cGMP-certified production facilities and third-party testing results.

When searching for cbd cat treats for anxiety, it’s important to figure out what your pet needs from the supplement. If they’re prone to hyperactivity, a high-concentration CBD formula with ingredients like chamomile and passion flower can be useful in curbing their energy levels. If they’re suffering from chronic ailments, a more general CBD tincture with natural ingredients can provide long-term benefits.

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Honest Paws’ Calm CBD Soft Chews contain 2mg of full-spectrum CBD per treat to promote relaxation and cognitive function in felines. The chews are formulated with cat-safe botanicals such as chamomile and passion flower to help reduce the “zoomies” in your furry friend, while minor cannabinoids such as CBC work together with CBD to relax your feline companion. The chews are simple and easy to digest and use, with an organic MCT oil that helps your cat absorb the hemp-derived phytocannabinoids faster for quick results. They’re also vegan, organic, and non-GMO.

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