Electric Fences For Sale

Electric Fences for Sale

A well-maintained electric fences for sale can be just as effective at keeping animals in a designated area as a barbed wire or woven barb fence, but costs less to build. These fences are also more versatile because they can be erected quickly and easily, making them an excellent solution for grazing short term or during drought conditions. The fences are a combination of bare conductive wires (with technology-advanced insulators) coupled with an energizer or power source and ground rods.

Secure Your Space: Finding the Best Electric Fences for Sale

The Energizer is the heart of your electric fence system, so selecting the right one for your needs is important. The energizer should be rated at a little higher than your fence to ensure enough voltage is sent down the wires, especially in the summer when grass is dry and brush takes up more of the voltage. The energizer should also be capable of handling the increased demands on the insulated wires during colder months, and for any future expansions to the fenceline.

All energizers must meet certain safety standards or requirements before they are allowed to be sold. The output joules of an energizer and the amount of energy stored in its capacitors are two important factors to consider when choosing an energizer. For example, a low joule output will result in a shorter pulse which is less harmful to animals. A high joule output is more likely to cause serious injury if an animal is not warned.

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