Halal Restaurants in Singapore

With a plethora of Muslim-friendly eateries popping up across the island, it’s no longer difficult to find delectable dishes that don’t break the bank. From juicy American smokehouse barbeque to Sichuan dumpling noodles and proper Cajun seafood boils, there’s a whole lot of flavourful food out there to try. Check out these halal restaurants in singapore and give your tastebuds a trip around the world!

What are the rules for eating halal?

This casual spot tuckedĀ  is a hit with families thanks to its huge playground and ample seating. Besides halal chicken rice and roti prata, this restaurant also offers a variety of grilled meats and vegetables that can be cooked at the table. Known for its generous servings, you can expect to devour vongole pasta, bone-in ribeye and burgers here.

If you’re looking for a halal seafood buffet, look no further than this hotel restaurant. Aside from its a la carte menu, it also serves up a buffet spread that’s packed with a variety of local and regional cuisine.


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