How to Create an Anime Side Profile

The first step to creating an anime side profile is to draw the character’s face. You will need to draw the head, ear and nose using guidelines. You can also add slanted lines to the neck, skull, and chin areas. Once these are complete, you can add shadows under the jawline and finish the drawing with the chin area.

How to Draw an Anime Side Profile

Another step in drawing an anime side profile is to draw the mouth. Mouths can have different expressions, so be sure to draw them differently. A good rule of thumb is to place the bottom lip at 1/8 of the total height of the head. It will be a little higher than that. After you have drawn the mouth, draw a line that connects the tip of the nose and the chin.

Anime artists often use very few brushstrokes to form the mouths. This leaves the viewer to fill in the missing details. This is especially common in the lower lip, which is often more realistic than the upper lip. This also makes the anime side profile easier to read. However, it is important to note that lips in anime can be different than in real life.

You should also note that the head of an anime side profile needs to be in the same plane as the head of the character. This means that the head should be positioned at a slight angle to the side of the head. The top half of the head should be shaped like a half-oval. The bottom half should be smaller.

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