How to Enforce Employee Wage Rights


As an employee, you have certain rights and privileges, including the right to be paid for all hours worked. Under the law, most activities at work are considered “work”; this includes tasks performed outside of the workplace. This means that you should be paid for time spent producing tasks, working late at night, or even taking work home. But, how can you enforce your rights? First, you need to know what constitutes “work.”

The Easy Rules Of How To Enforce Employee Wage Rights

The Federal Labor Standards Act carries a similar definition and allows an employer to deduct a person’s SSS premiums and insurance premiums from an employee’s wages. In addition, employers cannot deduct union dues and withholding taxes from their employees’ wages. Unpaid wages payments must be made in legal tender, and only in cash, and must be provided to employees directly. Furthermore, your wage must be paid every two (2) weeks or twice a month. However, you cannot work more than 16 hours in a single pay period.

Wage discrimination is illegal in California. Under the FLSA, you can sue for unfair dismissal or harassment. Your lawyer can help you fight for the right to be paid more. You must be paid 1.5 times your regular hourly rate. Regardless of your job title or the number of hours you work, you must be compensated for all hours. If your employer is denying you the right to make more money, they should be punished.

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