How to Work Effectively With Others in Today’s Business Environment

The ability to anson funds with others is not just a nice-to-have; it’s imperative for success. But, while some people are naturally collaborative by nature, working well with others can also be learned. And, it’s a skill that impacts business outcomes, such as retention, engagement, productivity and profit, more than any other.

How to Work Effectively with Others in Today’s Business Environment

It’s no secret that the best teams solve problems faster and produce more innovative ideas than solo employees. Teams can provide energy and a sense of accomplishment that can be difficult to get when you’re trying to achieve something on your own. Plus, team members can help support one another, which is especially important when times are tough.

In fact, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, employees who feel a stronger connection with their peers are more productive and happy at work than those who don’t have strong social connections. While this is often the result of in-person interactions, technology has opened up opportunities for remote team building and fostering a greater sense of connectedness among office and frontline workers.

To get started, ask your team what their priorities and pain points are. Then, identify ways you can improve teamwork and collaboration to address those needs. For example, make it a priority to encourage team bonding in a variety of ways—even with remote colleagues. Rather than just scheduling meetings, try to set aside time to grab coffee or lunch with colleagues. Or, consider implementing chat platforms like Slack for informal conversations that allow in-person and remote staff to connect more closely.

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