Revenue and Marketing Automation Solutions Work Together

marketing automation

Marketing automation is the combination of marketing automation software and internet marketing. It’s a web-based, integrated platform for sales, customer service, technical support, and marketing that automate processes across an organization. Marketing automation simply refers to technology and software systems designed specifically for marketing departments and companies to more effectively sell on multiple channels via the internet, reduce marketing costs, and automate repetitive processes. In essence, it’s the combination of marketing planning and automated sales and customer support programs into one convenient package.


Let’s take a look at how marketing automation platforms work to fully integrate with your company’s marketing plans. After you set up the basic integration features of your platform, it will gather information about your customers, segment them by factors such as location, purchasing history, and other parameters. After a company buys or acquires a certain segment of customers, it can then segment that customer data based on factors such as past purchase frequency, purchasing volume, number of contacts made, and so forth. By doing so, marketers can better determine which campaigns are effective and which ones should be replaced with a different approach. Once segmentation is complete, marketers can use this information to make changes in their strategies and fine-tune marketing processes accordingly. All of this results in increased productivity, cost savings, better customer relations, and higher levels of customer loyalty.


Integration of Salesforce automation to your company’s marketing automation systems will provide a comprehensive insight into your customer base, improve your sales process, and allow salespeople to do their jobs more efficiently. With Salesforce and crm software, you’ll be able to segment clients, measure your ROI, analyze your customer data, and set-up follow-ups and sales campaigns more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Integrating sales CRM with marketing automation systems will create more efficient customer service, and improve sales and profitability in the long run. As a result, salespeople will be more satisfied with their jobs, customers will buy from companies they know and like, and your overall business results will improve dramatically.

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