Tantra Practitioner Trains

When you consider how the ancient art and science of intimacy have flourished and transformed human relationships for centuries upon centuries through the hands of enlightened tantra practitioner teacher training, it becomes clear that there is much wisdom to be found in the ancient tantra of the west. The wisdom on sex that one gains through training with a qualified tantra master means that you can explore the mystical treasures of Tantra and delve deeply into a life-changing vision of self. This transformation comes from the knowledge that Tantra has discovered the sacred connection between the mind, body and spirit and that this mystical insight offers a path of emotional and spiritual growth.

Your Sacred Journey Of Self Love

This path of personal discovery begins with the awakening of the soul and when the soul is free to express itself through prayer, tantra and the practice of yoga, a sacred relationship is established. With the soul emerging from the stupor of ignorance, it can then begin to understand the deeper truth of the universe as seen through the eyes of the spirit and begin the journey of self-love. As this spiritual journey advances, humanity will once again return to the world upon its knees and receive the nourishment for transcendent life and true spiritual wholeness. This time, however, the journey will be a joyful one as the soul begins to experience first hand the miracle of unconditional love.

Through tantra and the journey of self-love, the soul finds a path that leads it away from its slumber of slavery to the base instincts of the flesh and toward a state of spiritual awareness. The sacred fire that burns within the soul once awakened provides the fuel for the human spirit and the inner voyage of evolution. Once, this spiritual evolution burns out, the soul then moves into the deeper realms of time and history where the greatest spiritual discoveries of mankind have taken place. If you are prepared to enter into your own sacred journey of discovery, please feel free to browse through my other articles on tantra and sacred sexuality.

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