The Basics of Car Detailing

car detailing

Car detailing is an important task that helps to preserve ceramic coating central coast the appearance of a car. Detailing includes the cleaning, polishing, waxing, and sealant application of a car. It also involves the removal of debris and dust that may have become embedded in the car’s paintwork.

The process of cleaning a vehicle can be time consuming. However, a clean and detailed vehicle can increase its value. Plus, a well-maintained vehicle will make maintenance easier. Getting a professional to detail your vehicle can save you a lot of money in the long run.

To clean your vehicle, start with the wheels and tires. You should then clean the rest of the exterior. In addition, the undercarriage should be cleaned, too. This is especially important if your vehicle has recently returned from a 4×4 mud-slinging adventure.

When washing your vehicle, be sure to use a mild soap. Be careful not to over-soak the paint. If you do, the drying process can result in streaks. Make sure the soap is water-based and will not damage the paint.

The Benefits of Hand Car Washing vs Machine Washing

Similarly, when buffing your vehicle, be careful not to get too aggressive. Buffing too hard can damage the clear coat, leaving a sloppy finish. Fortunately, most professional detailing centers will include light polishing in their basic detailing package.

Additionally, if your vehicle has suffered from scratches or scrapes, you can have those repaired. Small nicks and scratches can be filled with touchup paint. These won’t match the surrounding paint, but they can improve the overall look of a marred surface.

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