The Unseen Impact of Online Games on Cognitive Skills

sule slot have long been criticized for encouraging sedentary behavior and promoting aggression. However, as research into the impact of gaming on the brain continues to expand, we’re seeing a change in perspective. Many online games are known to improve cognitive skills such as memory and responsiveness. Moreover, players are better at problem-solving and able to synchronize their brains, hands and eyes when playing these games.

In the latest study, researchers investigated the link between video game playing and cognition in a group of 160 urban public-school preteens from lower income households. The students reported on the number of hours they played video games each day, with the heaviest gamers putting in up to 4.5 hours per day. They then performed a series of standardized tests to assess verbal, quantitative and nonverbal/spatial abilities. The findings were clear: Those who played video games more frequently scored higher on the CogAT tests than those who played less often.

The Unseen Impact of Online Games on Cognitive Skills

The most interesting finding related to gaming and cognitive development relates to the improvement of problem-solving ability in gamers. This is particularly true in action games, where the emphasis on speed and quick decision-making can have a positive effect on real-world problem-solving skills. Other studies show that shooter games, in particular, can help develop visual attentional skills such as visual selective attention and target-distractor discrimination.

In addition to cognitive improvements, online games have also been linked to social benefits, mainly in the form of multiplayer interactions with other gamers. Many players report that being able to interact with like-minded people in a common interest is rewarding for them socially.

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