Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Important

Having your septic tank pumping regularly ensures that solid waste is removed before it enters the soil absorption field. This prevents the system from becoming clogged and helps to keep wastewater flowing through it without causing issues that may require costly repair work.

The septic tank is only one part of an on-site wastewater treatment system, but it is an important one. It is designed to remove solids from household wastewater before it enters the soil absorption field, and it also serves as a storage unit for the remaining solids. If the solids are allowed to flow directly into the absorption field, they can cause clogs and reduce the lifespan of the system.

Commercial Septic Tank Pumping Solutions

Getting your septic tank pumped as needed ensures that you’re not dealing with smelly odors and other problems that will affect your home’s comfort. It also helps to extend the life of your septic tank and reduce overall maintenance costs over time.

You can determine how often you should get your septic tank pumped by measuring the level of sludge. A simple way to do this is to place a stick with a velcro strip at the end into your septic tank. The dark, thick sludge will cling to the velcro strip, making it easy to see how far down the stick is.

To help reduce the need for septic tank pumping, be sure to use your toilets less frequently. You should also avoid flushing items that aren’t meant to be flushed, such as feminine products and wipes.
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